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Some one at ‘The Oasis’ must have read the review I wrote a few years ago suggesting a Mediterranean cuisine on the menu to go with the name ‘Oasis’!  Well they did better, instead of adding a Mediterranean menu themselves; they expanded their building to host a couple of restaurants and food spots.  Soleil is one of the new restaurants located next to The Oasis on the Lake with amazing views and equally excellent Mediterranean –Italian food.  Finally there in a place one can enjoy spectacular sunsets and beautiful ambiance, while enjoying delicious and delectable food.

‘Soleil’- meaning sun in French is so apt for the restaurant, since it has the best seat for watching sunsets in Austin.  One evening we decided to bask in the beautiful sight of the setting sun while eating at Soleil.  The  lower level entrance is met with a receptionist who directs you to the next floor level if you already have a reservation or checks you in for the restaurant or the accompanying Azure bar in the same level.   When we entered the restaurant, we were directed to a table immediately since we already had reservation. The ambience of the restaurant is very cool blue-green, serene and seaside like.   The walls and roof have the reclaimed or weathered wood accents adding to the aesthetics of the ambience.

We opted for seating ourselves inside the restaurant rather than  outdoor seating since it was almost sundown.  The restaurant was filling up with couples, large and small parties, graduation prom couples and more.   The wait staff was courteous and friendly and took our order immediately.   For appetizers, we ordered the callamari which was chunky and crisp at the same time, which was pretty good. We asked for suggestions choosing between the different entrees we liked, and were happy with his recommendations.  For entrees we ate the  Fettuccine with Gulf Crab Shrimp & Lobster, Lobster Cream & Ricotta Salata ; and  Grilled Salmon with Roasted Tomato, Citrus Pesto & Watercress. The fetuccini was luscious and delicious with yummy bits of lobster and shrimp.  The salmon was cooked to precision and the citrus pesto was delightful.

The bread service here is by request only, hence do ask for it ahead if you are interested or you are not served!  On request they brought over fresh rolls of cibatta bread with olive oil and spices.

Lastly to end this evening on a sweet note we ordered Tiramisu. It was delectable and we enjoyed it with a thought that  a cup of coffee on side would accentuate the flavors further, but skipped to not be over-caffeinated.

Life felt good and blessed that evening, enjoying great food, seated in beautiful environs, listening to soft music trickling from the adjourning restaurants, with the pleasant company of my life partner 😉

I guess Soleil makes special memories besides good food!

Cuisine:  Italian-Mediterranean
Price Range:  Expensive
Rating: ****
Location: 6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX, 78732 ;  512.266.0600

Foods Reviewed:
– Crispy Calamari with Garlic Aioli & Marinara Sauce
– Fettuccine with Gulf Crab Shrimp & Lobster, Lobster Cream & Ricotta Salata
– Grilled Salmon with Roasted Tomato, Citrus Pesto & Watercress
– Tiramisu


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