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One weekend morning after picking up a guest from the Austin airport, we decided to drive downtown to eat a hearty breakfast at Magnolia Café.

Magnolia Café on Lake Austin Blvd is considered an Austin landmark. It’s been there since 1979! Famous for its 24/7 open  service and great food for good price, this restaurant appeals to every kind of crowd, the university kids, older Austinite’s, the artsy folk, the techs,  teenagers, families with  little ones….

Being a popular restaurant, there is some waiting time, but what better waiting time offers fresh strong coffee on the house while waiting. The coffee was a great start for the great breakfast ahead.

We ordered an array of food, Lox and Bagel, Heauvos Rancheros, Omellete Prima Dora,  Migas, Cheese Quesadillas and  Pecan pancakes. Our waitress was very friendly and suggested options for kids. They have a kids menu too for the little ones.
The ambience of the café is very friendly and homey.  The cafe has tables covered in table cloths with whimsical designs. The kids loved looking around for other interesting designs, while we waited for our food.

The order of  Lox and Bagel  gave  smoked salmon with cream cheese on fresh  wheat bagel , served with capers,  red onions, tomatoes and lettuce, which  was perfect; The Omelette   Prima Dora was one of the best on the table, the omellete with  avocado with cheddar and jack cheese, topped with lemon sourcream and verde and chipotle sauces was ultimately good; The Heauvos Rancheros was  pretty decent . We ordered two eggs sunnyside up on a flour tortilla, it came with rojas/red salsa, cheddar and jack cheese, Spanish rice and beans.  Wish the rojas was spicier though, but spiced it up myself and it was good;   The Migas – scrambled eggs with bell peppers,tomato, onion, tortilla chips with  cheddar and jack cheese, and beans is another famous breaskfast choice;  The cheese quesseldialls  for the little ones  with melted cheddar and pepper jack cheese in  grilled flour tortillas  was warm and  tasty; And finally the pancakes..umm, they make  pancakes here  with amazing kinds of toppings and we chose the pecan pancakes served with warm syrup.  Every bite was delicious.

I would love to eat my breakfast anytime here (breakfast is served 24 hrs), but they also have soups salads, burgers, sandwiches, and tex- mex dinner options.
2304 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

Cuisine:   Breakfast; Tex Mex;
Price Range: 
Not expensive
Rating: ****

Dishes Reviewed:

  •    Lox and Bagel
  •    Heauvos Rancheros
  •    Omellete Prima Dora
  •    Migas
  •    Cheese Quesadillas
  •    Pecan pancakes


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