The Oasis at Lake Travis – A place with a view

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The Oasis on Lake Travis boasts to be the sunset capital of Texas. I totally agree it’s a beautiful view of the sunset on the lake, right here in Austin, Texas!

We had been here many times to show off the views to out of town guests.   But having been told by many about the food not matching its reputation of the view, we skipped the dinners, and only had tried the appetizers etc. But finally this spring break, we decided to host my husband’s high school reunion at this place.  We were expecting many out of town guests and decided this place would be a great place to introduce our beautiful city of Austin


We wanted to  see the sunset while dining hence decided to  meet at 6.00. But the place when we went there was crowded with practically no parking in spite of the huge parking lot. After we finally got a spot, we walked the long way to the restaurant, since the golf carts were already busy shuttling people back and forth. Spring break, a wedding on their top floor, and time for sunset could have been the reasons for the long lines!

The place takes no reservations, only advanced calling, which doesn’t expedite the process much. We had to wait in the long line to just reach the entrance where we could get registered and get the buzzer to wait further. Apparently early calling expedites the time a little after one gets the buzzer.  We were told by the staff, that after the sunset, the crowds will drastically decrease and we can expect a table after that! But it spoiled our purpose of having a view for our dinner. Though some of us caught a view of the setting sun by walking from behind the building and going up some stairs.


Oasis has about seven to eight balconies overlooking the lake which gives amazing views any time of the day. The tables with colorful umbrellas in the balconies give it an exotic resort look.

When we got seated in one of the many balconies, our guests were still happy with the beautiful lake view.  There was  some confusion in seating since we had been directed to tables with not enough chairs for the size of the group.  But the staff was courteous and apologetic and fixed the problem quickly.

The food story is much smaller compared to the views .  The food was good and bad. Our group ordered various options, The orders with sizzling  Fajitas which are served with  Spanish rice and a choice of charro or black beans along with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce and choice of corn or flour tortillas had good and bad experience. The Beef  fajitas were not great and not much liked,  but the vegetarian fajitas were enjoyed.  The Big O’ Burger with prime half pound burger on a toasted bun, served with Yukon gold French fries was excellent, so was apparently the Mahi a la Piña -pineapple and chile glazed grilled Mahi with pineapple salsa, Spanish rice and vegetables .   While the Crawfish Enchiladas- spinach, cream cheese and mushrooms topped with crawfish etouffee served with Spanish rice and a choice of charro or black beans was decent, the Nachos with fajita combination was again not up to mark.  In the kids menu too there was good and bad. While the chicken fingers were ok, the kids burger was dry and didn’t even come with lettuce.

One of our out of town guests with the pre-conviction that Oasis would serve choice of Mediterranean food too was sadly disappointed. It would be great idea to add it on the menu.

The drinks sadly also have a story. The virgin pinacolada was just a glass of abundance of crushed ice with little drink. The kids order of fruit punch was apparently running low, hence that too was loaded with ice. The orders of beers and ice teas had safer bets.

To sum it, at Oasis the view is divine, but your dining experience depends on your luck!

Cuisine:  Tex-Mex, Burgers, Seafood.
Price Range:  Above Average
Rating: ***
Location: 6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX, 78732

Foods Reviewed:

  • Sizzling  Beef Fajitas
  • Sizzling Vegetarian and chicken Fajitas\
  • Big O’ Burger
  • Mahi a la Piña
  • Crawfish Enchiladas
  • Kids Burger
  • Chicken fingers with fries
  • Nachos with Fajita combination
  • Virgin Piñacolodas
  • Ice tea
  • Beers
  • Soda
  • Fruit punch


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