Pei Wei Asian Diner

pei wei kungpao pei wei mongolian

We have had many a lunch at Pei Wei while meeting with friends or eating out with colleagues  or family. This place offers the friendly, casual  atmosphere at the same time good food fast.  This place has  some similar menu items like my favorite restaurant  P.F. Changs since it’s the sister concern of the  other upscale chain.   Here you place the order and pay earlier before you get seated,  quickening the dining  process, but still having a good dining experience

This time I was at Pei Wei for lunch with my good friend around the holidays.  In spite of it being pretty full we got immediately seated after we ordered; but even before we got settled we were asked if we could move to a booth to accommodate a larger group of people.  Since we obliged nicely, the management surprised us with crab wonton appetizers for being accommodative!

Our orders of Mangolian Beef with noodles and Mandarin Kung Pao Shrimp with fried rice came very quickly  too.   My Mongolian Beef  was perfect and crispy with sweet soy sauce, scallions, garlic and  mushrooms ;  My friends Kung Pao Shrimp was very tasty with  chile seared soy sauce, scallions, garlic, snap peas, carrots and peanuts while the shrimp were juicy yet crunchy. To go with the Asian theme  we also enjoyed  green tea with our lunch instead of soda.

The restuarant  also offeres gluten free and vegetarian  menu for people with  dietary restrictions, hence its popular to larger audiences!

We loved the food and enjoyed the dining experience and even had to-go boxes too since the  portions  are pretty large and I was dining with  my health conscious friend.
So it was a perfect afternoon with great food and dining experience and good friends.

Dishes Reviewed

  • Mongolian Beef-  Beef with  sweet soy sauce, scallions, garlic, white mushrooms.
  • Mandarin Kung Pao Shrimp–  Shrimp with chile seared soy sauce, scallions, garlic, snap peas, carrots, peanuts.
  • Crab Wontons

Location:  Anderson Arbors, 13429 N Hwy 183, Austin TX, 78750,

(512) 996-0095
Rating: ***


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