Louie Mueller Barbecue -Review. Taylor,TX

In our road trips across the big state of Texas, we plan our lunch and dinner stops around the iconic and interesting places to eat in this BBQ famous state. On one such road trip, we stopped in Taylor, Texas and made it just before closing time of Louie Miller Barbecue.

mouie miller entrance


In the small town of Taylor, on its main street, there is a big sign of Louie Miller Barbecue.  When you  open their broken screen door and enter this large warehouse  like place  with  lofted and discolored ceiling, smoke stained walls, time worn wood floors and old fashioned furniture,  you feel you  have stepped back in history. But they like to keep the ambiance this way to reflect their reputation of being one of the historic, iconic and famous BBQ’s of Texas.

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Since it was end of the day, not everything was available to order but we did have the pleasure to enjoy their juicy Beef Ribs; their unique soup like barbecue sauce with tomato base and chunky onions; Succulent Chopped Beef Brisket; tender BBQ Chicken, Potato salad, and their fresh and delicious Banana Custard  with Nilla wafers.

beef ribs chopped beef brisket lmb beef rib lmb beef ribs meat lmb chicken louie miller bbq1 potato saladcustardlmb custardlmb walls


After enjoying the delicious barbecue, and dessert, I stuck my Hotsweetspicyrecipes card in the soot covered wall of cards to historical preserve my visit to this place besides the testimony of Guy Fieri  and many others…..

wall of cardsmenulouiemiller 1


If you enjoy barbecue, this place has to fall in your route 😉


Food Reviewed:

  • Beef Ribs
  • Chopped Beef Brisket
  • BBQ Chicken
  • barbecue sauce
  • Potato Salad
  • Banana Custard

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