Elevation Burgers- A Healthy Burger!

elevation lettuce burger lelevation shake elevation cheese burger

Few weeks ago, we met some friends in Arboretum area and decided to eat at Elevation Burgers. We had heard of new burger places coming up around town offering burgers made of organic beef etc hence we decided to try one of them- Elevation Burgers. This place advertises 100% organic, 100% grass fed, 100% free range beef and 100% ground on premises.

The menu offers beef burgers, veggie burgers, multi stacked beef burgers, and half beef and half veggie burger option too. They have a range of toppings with options like caramelized onions etc. They also offer lettuce wrap instead of bread for the burger too. The shakes give an option of ice creams with different mixings etc.

We tried different options of burgers and shakes that evening. The double meat double cheese elevation burger was pretty big and wrapped in lettuce instead of bread; this was a great option for any one on a protein diet! The cheese burger with bread was good too with all the toppings, it felt healthy and tasty eating the burger. The French fries were decent  and flavorful but I don’t agree with the idea of  deep frying in  olive oil,  firstly it defeats the purpose of using olive oil, and secondly olive oil is said to have a  low smoke point, so deep frying fries in  hot olive oil may not get any extra points!

The smoothies are good with a variety of options, we tried the Oreo’s in vanilla and Oreos in chocolate and the kids liked both.

The ambience was simple but the price was just right and of course it also offered an environmentally healthy burger!

Cuisine:  Burgers
Price Range: Not expensive
Rating: ***
Website:  http://www.elevationburger.com/EB.php#ingredientsmatter
Location: Great Hills Market
9828 Great Hills Trail
Austin, TX
(512) 608-4054

Dishes Reviewed:

•    Elevation  double meat burger in lettuce
•    Cheese burger with caramelized onion lettuce, tomato and relish
•    Fries
•    vanilla and oreo’s shake
•    chocolate and oreo’s shake


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