Writing down Extraordinary Ordinary Moments




Life is filled with many extra ordinary moments, but how often do we stop and think and realize the moment which just happened! And even if we have felt blessed to have enjoyed this special moment, we may forget it by the end of the day, week or month and time flies, memories fade, and life starts looking ordinary for no reason.

If we lived in a sci-fi world, anytime we felt down and hollow, life’s meaningful moments could play film clips and remind us of life’s blessings. But a journal is no less a sci-fi tool. The beautiful part about writing in a journal is the process of cherishing the moments and sharing it in your journal, and when you read it, you actually have film clips of the event playing out in your mind. It’s quite a sublime experience.

Yes, we live a hectic life and writing a journal involves taking out time to engage in this activity. But routines and discipline of daily writing in a journal can be very meditative, like a daily prayer, ritual or consistent exercise.

If you think journals and books are old school and you prefer electronic devices you may be missing out the deep impact of pen, paper, handwriting and a journal.

Journal writing may be a fading art, but if a journal will help inspire to write, with its quirky and creative art and encouraging prompts, it’s the journal by Jorey Hurley “ Extraordinary Ordinary Moments” . I feel even if I am not a religious daily journal writer, I will enjoy this book for any impromptu creative writing on this artsy pages with inspirations!  The 365 page journal could be a beautiful storehouse of ideas, introspection, blessings, thoughts, reflections, life’s mindful moments, memories and more.

Start writing in a journal tonight, its cathartic,  you will have a good nights sleep and appreciate your day!


I received a copy of this journal from Blogging for Books and I shall cherish it with nostalgic contentment of my extraordinary, ordinary moments.




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