Turmeric – Amazing Cures

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Species: Cucuma Longa
Indian Name: Haldi,
Turmeric is a rhizome of the biological family Zingiberaceae

Turmeric is amazing; it’s not just a condiment and a coloring agent, but a medicine with many cures. Turmeric is known for its many therapeutic cures, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-oxidant, hypoglycemic and antiseptic properties.

I use a lot of turmeric in my cooking and recipes but besides that it’s a popular medicine at home when anyone of us catches cold and cough. The best part about turmeric is it has no side effects; hence I have used turmeric boiled in milk for cough and cold ailments even when my kids were toddlers. Though it’s not the greatest of taste, my kids have gotten used to its taste, and drink it often calling it healthy milk!

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, or aurvedic or therapeutic medicine consultant. I am not qualified to prescribe anything or advice anybody. I personally practice a lot of alternative medicine at home, but cannot vouch for cures.)

  Internal Uses:

•    Expectorant and decongestant for irritating cough, cold, and clearing phlegm:  Drinking 1 tsp turmeric boiled in a cup of milk helps reduce throat, bronchial and respiratory problems; Turmeric taken with fresh garlic reduces respiratory infections.
•    Ear ache:   2 drops of crushed turmeric root juice dropped in the  ear with a cotton ball or Q-tip can help  reduce ear pain.
•    Sinus:  2 drops of turmeric root juice in both nostrils can help clear sinuses.
•    Ashtma, tubercolosis, bronchitis: Turmeric powder mixed with warm ghee/clarified butter is also eaten for treatments of coughs and colds, spasms of asthma and nasal blocks; eating lightly cooked turmeric root helps reduce bronchial problems.
•    After surgery healing: Drinking turmeric with milk is good after surgeries, decreasing pain and increasing the rate of healing.
•    External and internal injuries: Drinking a hot cup of milk mixed with 1tsp turmeric helps in reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, wounds, internal injuries, damages to muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.
•    Helps reduce Arthritis and stiffness of bones.
•    Blood disorders and Anemia: Turmeric is beneficial for all blood disorders since it purifies, stimulates and builds blood.
•    Liver problems: Turmeric protects the liver from toxins and cholesterol. Turmeric taken with whey- water of curds or the remaining water from coagulated milk can be used for treating liver diseases.
•    Digestive disorders:  Turmeric is used as a carminative and stomachic in the treatment of digestive disorders such as flatulence, bloating, and appetite loss; expelling intestinal worms; it is also taken with yogurt to treat diarrhea.
•    Turmeric lowers the chances of heart attack by inhibiting the platelets from sticking together.
•    Reduces Piles.
•    Relieves Catarrh and improves vision.
•    Turmeric has also been checked for its possible cholagogous influence on the secretion of bile, pancreatic, and gastric juices.
•    Turmeric is also being evaluated for its anti carcinogenic properties.
•    Turmeric also helps remove adipose tissue and cuts through cellulite from the body.  Apparently when mixed with honey in equal proportions and taken twice a week, it reduces body weight, cleans toxins and water retention, thus making the body look slimmer and toned.
•    Turmeric promotes proper metabolism in the body, correcting both excesses and deficiencies. It aids in the digestion of protein.
•    May slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by removing amyloyd plaque buildup in the brain.
•    May prevent metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer.

External Uses:

•    Acne and pimples: Dabbing a paste of turmeric mixed with water on acne and pimples overnight or at least a couple of hours cures pimples while removing blemishes and scars.
•    Turmeric paste mixed with almond oil and honey applied on the skin is said topurify and nourish; while a paste of turmeric, fresh cream and sandalwood powderrejuvenates dry and tired skin.
•    Turmeric mixed with cream of milk and gram flour applied on face and body de-tans the skin giving it a beautiful glow, while also removing excessive hair on skin.
•    Turmeric is applied externally for bruises and cuts which helps stop bleeding and acts as antiseptic.
•    Helps inhibit skin diseases like eczema.

Start using  turmeric in your  everyday cooking , you could be doing yourself a favor, knowingly or unknowingly!


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