Gourdoughs – Gourmet Donuts in Austin!

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Gourdoughs- its  not just  donuts; these are much more than that, these are fancy, gourmet, delicious works of art in a donut form.

I was introduced to this place recently by my daughters Girl Scout troop leader who took us there after a field trip.  Going to Gourdough’s was a bonus field trip for a foodie like me. This donut place runs out of an Airstream trailer now parked in the shaded lot near 1st and Monroe.

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In front of the trailer there is a long list of donut options on the menu with different garnishing ingredients. Going through those fancy and fun names and unique toppings, one builds up one’s expectations for the donut. All the doughnuts are cooked after you order them and garnished according to your requests and served warm.
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We had a troop of girl scouts and adults and each ordered unique versions of the donuts, hence we tasted a variety together. While I ordered the ‘Slow Burn’- a doughnut with Habenaro pepper jelly and cream cheese topping, my daughter ordered ‘Black Out’- which is a donut of brownie batter, fudge icing, and chocolate covered brownie bites. The others ordered interesting ones like ‘Funky  Monkey’- grilled bananas ,cream cheese icing and brown sugar; ‘Flying Pig’-  Donuts garnished with bacon and maple syrup icing; ‘Miss Shortcake’- Donuts with cream cheese dressing and fresh cut strawberries;  ‘Pudding’ and more….
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Since it was a large group, and the fact that they are made to order we had quite some waiting time.  The trailer though is parked in a shaded environment with picnic benches for seating; hence our waiting time was comfortable. But when these big fat delicious donuts were served warm and crispy, we realized the wait was well worth it.

The donuts are like small cakes, very unique in flavor, nice and crispy and rich, buttery and delicious. I loved both the  slow burn and black out and was told by others that their donuts were equally special and scrumptious.  The donut batter itself is different and delicious than normal donuts and the garnishing and fixings make it extra special.

The size of the donuts were so big, that we actually saved some and packed it home to share, but when we got it home the family at home ate it cold and didn’t experience the same  delicious excitement in the mouths, we had experienced;)  so eat it warm.

The foods trailers downtown and in SOCO in Austin are a cool feature to adventure with food. But some trailers who find a niche food to offer are very successful and Gourdoughs seem to be one of them.

Since these donuts are gourmet, one pays the price for it too. Each donut is 4.50 + hence a expensive desert, but worth every bite 😉

Cuisine: Donuts
Price Range: Expensive
Rating: ***.5
Website: www.gourdoughs.com
Location: Gourdough’s
1503 South 1st Street  Austin, TX 78704
(512) 607-6568

Food Reviewed:
‘Slow Burn’- a doughnut with Habenaro pepper jelly and cream cheese topping
‘Black Out’- a donut of brownie batter, fudge icing, and chocolate covered brownie bites.

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